The Man Bun: A brief history

The Man Bun: A brief history - The man bun has been one the most controversial men’s hairstyles, possibly garnering more attention than the in-your-face mohawk. Seen on male celebrities, hipsters, and the fashion forward, this look inevitably results in discussion followed by a few yeas and many nays. But it hasn’t always been that way. Check out this brief history of the man bun.
Man Bun History  The Man Bun: A brief history
L-R: Buddha, Maximilien de Robespierre, George Harrison, Mulan’s Li Shang

Historically, the man bun has been a warrior’s hairstyle worn by generals and samurais. The long hair worn in a high or low bun cuts a striking figure, so much that it is the hairstyle choice of Buddha himself. Another history maker, the Beatles’ George Harrison also sported the man bun during his spiritual development.

Celebrity Man Buns  The Man Bun: A brief history
L-R: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Brady, Charlie Hunnam, Jared Leto

So the man bun was a trend long before it was adopted by a multitude of male celebrities. The alternative hairstyle could get a bad wrap because it can be a greasy, scraggly mess. This is common when hair is barely long enough to tuck into an elastic. If that’s the case, try Tom Brady’s half bun using hair above the ears.

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