Cool Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men

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Cool Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men , This year, the rules are out the window, as more and more boys have decided to make a statement and create their signature styles. You should definitely take a look at these fresh, classy and effortless men`s short hairstyles!

Pompadour Haircut


 A disconnected pompadour is trendy right now. Hair is clipped close or faded on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top. This slicked back look is a jazzy quiff hairstyle that looks good on Caucasian, Latino and Asian men.


Comb Over Haircut

It isn’t just for hiding baldness – young men are sporting this awesome quiff with added volume. Perfect for both curly and straight hair, you can wear a comb over loose or change it into a combed back haircut style if your hair is thick enough

Crew Cut 

This cut can be trimmed in several ways. Hair can remain long on top and fade into connected facial hair, or it can just be coifed and spiked for an easy take away style. The barber will use both a razor and scissors to clip this timeless male cut just right.

Mohawk Haircut 


No, they didn’t disappear with the 1980s – in fact, today’s Mohawk is more modern and versatile than ever before. It’s known for its signature hair strip in the middle – you can make this as thin or thick as you’d like, as well as incorporate various lengths into the final look.


Short Back and Sides




This variation of the undercut features slightly longer sides and a rich fringe in the middle. It would be easier to describe it as a combination of Mohawk and undercut, because the top gradually becomes shorter towards the back and is styled as a Mohawk

Katy Perry 2016 Hair Color Natural

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Katy Perry 2016 Hair Color Natural , Katy Perry, who is not familiar with this one beautiful singer, katy perry which are well known in various corners of the songs carried, little do we know Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress. dancer and model of the United States. He was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California by Christian pastor parents who were

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Chris Brown Hairstyle 2016

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Chris Brown Hairstyle 2016 , Chris Brown is a singer of R & B singer, songwriter, and actor nationality United States. He became famous when creating a new album, titled Chris Brown. He is a career in the world of music and movies since 2005.

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