The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014

The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014 - First, let’s reminisce about the glory days of hockey hair with a picture of Jaromír Jágr‘s iconic mullet, which has a dedicated fan club. This long permed and feathered style is the ultimate mullet and the top hockey hair of all time.

While the mullet dominated the ice during the Gretsky era, hockey players have never been more coiffed, groomed, or toothed. Check out these pictures of the best hockey hairstyles of 2014 for all the details.

10. Brent Burns

Brent Burns beard The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: ESPN

A defenseman for the San Jose Sharks, Brent Burns unruly hair and beard was perfectly suited for his time with Minnesota Wild. This is the modern update on hockey hair, taking the hipster beard and lumberjack styles to the next level. Note the half up man bun, the latest must have look for fashion forward men.

9. Erik Karlsson

In addition to coveted hair, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson is an Olympic medalist, All-Star, and captain. The first of several stylish Swedes on this list, he rocks the traditional hockey flow haircut, named for how long locks flow out from the helmet and in the wind while skating.

Off the ice, the flow can be a stylish and trendy cut when work slicked back with a suit or tux. For light hair like Karlsson, make sure to use a matte hair product that won’t make hair look greasy.

8. Braden Holtby

Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby rocks the medium length style that is gaining popularity amongst celebrities in 2014. At this neck-covering length, there is a little bit of flow and lots of style. Worn with a groomed beard, this look contrasts tousled and clean cut.

7. Alex Wennberg

Not all modern hockey hair is long. Columbus Blue Jackets center Alex Wennberg rocks a combover style that is somewhere in between hipster and preppy. This slick looks is one of the few styles look as good off the ice as it does fresh out of a helmet.

6. David Rundblad

David Rundblad hair The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: imgarcade

Another Swede, Chicago Blackhawks defenseman David Rundblad wears his blonde locks in the trendy yet classic side part hairstyle. This long on top, short sides and back cut has a range of styling options including wearing this combover, slicking it back, loose and tousled, or textured like below.
David Rundblad slick hair The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: tumblr

5. Jonathan Bernier

Johnathon Bernier hair The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: The Star

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier appears to be a Boardwalk Empire fan and is wearing one of the hottest styles of 2014. Undercut sides and slicked back hair is the exact opposite of the mullet and 100% flow-free. It’s another style that looks great emerging from a helmet as well as anywhere else life takes you.

 4. Carey Price

Carey Price hair The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: tumblr

The French (and French Canadians) are known for their style and Carey Price does it right as the goalie for the Montréal Canadiens. Making the most of thick hair, this textured cut removes weight while the peaked shape ensures hair is manageable. This is the latest way to wear spiky hair and looks as good messy as it does styled.

3. Patrick Sharp

Patrick Sharp hair  The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: Splash

Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans in 2011, Chicago Blackhawks alternate captain Patrick Sharp looks equally good in with a coiffed style, messy helmet hair, and playoff beard. He was been seen in a range of stylish cuts but this matte combed style is red carpet ready but also works with a plaid shirt.

2. Evander Kane

Evander Kane hair The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014
Image: PuckBuddys

Winnipeg Jets left wing Evander Kane‘s creative hair deservedly gets attention. Known for his shaved patterns, Kane is one of the most visible fans of hair designs for men. On top, curly hair has a touch of length and contrasts well with undercut sides.

1. Henrik Lundqvist

The number one hockey hairstyle 2014 award goes to another Swede. New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist is the most stylish player in the NHL, known for his outstanding hair, groomed beard, and tailored suits. This creative take on slick hair is about as far away from a mullet as you can get. While this hairstyle might not have it’s own fan club, Lundqvist certainly does.

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