What you need to create this look

What you need to create this look , In case you missed it, the biggest men's hair trend on the planet of late is the undercut, albeit in stiff competition with the barbershop fade for that title. Featuring super short sides (read: buzz cut) and a lot of length left on top, contrast is what makes this style stand out. The longer hair can be styled in a whole host of different ways but, because most of the hair is kept short, this isn't time consuming or in any way difficult to do. Sound appealing? 

If you have a wedding to attend, a big night out planned or even a job interview on the horizon, a sleek undercut style might be just the hairstyle you need. It's guaranteed to keep your hair totally under control but won't come off as too severe or over-worked.
To find out how to get the look, all you have to do is watch the video tutorial above! Also, to avoid constant pausing while styling, the written instructions are laid out in the following paragraphs and there is also a photo tutorial on this page to make things really easy.

Get the look

Step one
Warm some L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty in your hands. This will emulsify it, making it really easy to spread through your hair.

Step two
Work it up and back from roots to tips using quick, sweeping motions. Make sure you get even coverage with your fingertips, paying special attention to the top half of your head. Add more putty as needed but be careful not to overload your hair. You want your style to look sleek, not gloopy.
Step three
Once you're satisfied with the amount of hold, sleek it back with a comb, sweeping the hair slightly to one side. Use your hands for any final touch-ups, double-check the back and you're all set!

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